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The Venturian Embassy

News from the Front

2/9/99 - SEIV UPDATE

  Due to massive player response to Malfador's call for ideas for the upcoming title Space Empires IV, release will be delayed until Winter '99. For those of you who feel disappointed, remember that Malfador is taking the ideas that you loyal fans have posted and using them to make a better game for all of us! The SEIV beta lottery is scheduled for this summer.

The Venturian Embassy was created to inform people of the goings on in the SEIII world.  This page will be used for news from Malfador as well as a place where people can request game postings to make finding players a little easier.  Games will be posted on the War Zone page.  

If you wish to post a game, email us at and give us the details!

In the future, there may be an effort to set up some sort of league competitions.


The Strategy Forum is back in place.

The link has been updated for the interim

while final work is done there.

You should be able to post there without problems now.

If you experience any problems, contact us at



12/2/98 - The Venturian Embassy was contacted today by Emperor Silver of the Arcturan Empire and Cmmdr. Danjel Judj of Colony 37.  The Embassy would like to extend its warmest greetings to these two nations.

EXTRA! - Malfador Machinations has just posted us on the SE III sites board.  The Embassy sends its deepest thanks.


11/24/98 - The version 1.17 patch was released today, which fixes the Open Warp Point bug as well as a few other bugs found in version 1.16.  If you have any problems with this patch, please report them to Malfador's website.


11/20/98 - Malfador Machinations releases  the first screenshots of their new upcoming release, Space Empires IV, scheduled for release summer 1999.  SEIV shows a great improvement in visual presentation and interface and in the Embassy's opinion, promises to continue the tradition of playability and enjoyment while adding fresh new elements to the game.












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