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the link zone

(and karoke bar)


"Just you...and me!  Oh yeah!  And Cheesy Poofs and..." "Just you...and me!  Oh yeah!  Or two or three or..."



While Chef & Cartman are singing their duet,

let me share some of my favorite links with you.

Don't forget to grab a drink from the bar before

you go!



Note: for those of you who don't already know, I'm known as ChrisA07 at all of these sites below, so it's not too hard to find me! :)

personal links

Danielle's Homepage - My wife's home for Backgammon, Canasta,

and computers!

Darkman's Homepage - Get out of the light, Carol-ann! Learn about

the Darkman!

Delphyne's Dragon Paradise - Enter Delphyne's world of Dragons!


gaming links

Case's Internet Gaming Ladder - Ladder rating for your favorite

online games!

Internet Gaming Zone - Online games of all kinds. Even Flight

Simulator 98!

Mplayer - More online games. Sometimes you can find me here

playing poker. :) $$$

Kali - Even MORE online games. I occasionally play Netmech



chat links

The Ultimate Chatlist - I've been known to visit here on occasion...


These are only a few of my favorites. I'll add and update on a regular basis, so be sure to refresh when you stop back!


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